Rapid Prototype Development

Having trouble getting 3D printed and CNC machined prototypes made in time to meet your project commitments? We understand how important timely prototyping is when developing new products and manufacturing processes. That’s why we specialize in providing high quality prototypes at competitive prices with quick turnaround times!

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We believe getting custom prototypes should be simple, FAST, and straightforward


Engineering Design

  • Create your part in 2D or 3D CAD
  • Need help? Just call or email us to work with one of our engineers who will help you out!


Upload the File

  • Go to our website, upload your files, and enter part information
  • One of our engineers will review the part(s) and provide prompt feedback if opportunities to reduce your costs, improve manufacturability, or improve the turnaround time exist
  • Get a quote within 24 hours


Get Your Parts

  • Your part(s) are printed or machined and finished
  • Your part(s) quality is checked
  • Get your 3D printed parts delivered or shipped as soon as the next day
  • Get your machined parts delivered or shipped in as little as 3 days

Get a Rapid Quote

We have a team of Design Engineers that can create a 3D file from your 2D drawing. We will supply the file for approval prior to production

Our Shop Capabilities

Standard Materials

  • Aluminum: 6061, 7075, MIC6
  • Steel: 11L37, 12L14, 4130, 4140
  • Stainless Steel: 303, 304, 17-4PH
  • Titanium: Ti-6AI-4V
  • Bronze: C93200 (Bearing Bronze)
  • Brass: C35300, C36000
  • Plastic: Delrin 150 & 570, Nylon 6
  • 3D Filament: ABS, PLA, PET, PETG, Nylon, TPE/TPU, Carbon Fiber
  • Other materials available on request but may impact delivery times

Part Size Capability

  • 3 Axis Mill (X-Y-Z): up to 17” X 10” X 15”
  • 4 Axis Mill (X-Y-Z): up to 17” X 10” X 15”
  • Plate Work (X-Y-Z): up to 17” X 10” X 15”
  • Lathe Turning (DIA-Z): up to 14“ X 12”
  • 3D Printer (X-Y-Z): up to 8“ X 8” X 9.5“
  • CNC Plasma (X-Y-Z): up to 48” X 48“ X 1”
  • Powder Booth (W-D-H): 44“ X 20” X 78“
  • Metal Bending (W-T): up to 48” X 5/64”

Machine Accuracy Capability

  • CNC Milling: ± 0.0002”
  • CNC Turning: ± 0.0002”
  • 3D Printing: ± 0.008”
  • Plasma Cutting: ± 0.020”
  • MIG / TIG Fabrication: ± 0.050”