Component and Assembly Precision and Accuracy Matter

Let us work with your teams to develop metrology tooling and fixtures that can help eliminate precision and accuracy bias so you can stay focused on what you do best. Delivering high performing and high quality products to your customers that improve your businesses performance!

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Then you’ll recognize these side effects within your business... Product Development

  • Unpredictable and inconsistent product performance
  • Unplanned and expensive “design - build - test cycles”
  • Long and unpredictable development timelines
  • Missed launch date commitments
  • Poor post design transfer product quality and performance Process Development

  • Poor process stability
  • Inadequate short and long term process capability
  • Tight process windows requiring extra product sampling, testing and machine adjustments to stay in control
  • Additional components and cost from repeat testing
  • Repeated and unplanned IQ, OQ and PQ test runs to meet acceptance criteria Manufacturing Engineering

  • Unnecessary product testing that impacts yield and productivity
  • Needless cost variance from ship holds, scrap, and product dispositions created from bad test data
  • Confounded root cause analysis that impedes continuous improvement activities
  • Poor equipment availability from frequent line stops due to subassembly testing QA and Incoming Inspection

  • Large volumes of unnecessary corrective and preventive action plans
  • Unnecessary product performance testing
  • Needless ship holds, scrap, and product dispositions from bad test data
  • Increased Regulatory audit finding risk
  • Needless training and inspection procedures

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