Custom Automation

Assemble, Test and Inspect Your Products with Certainty. We recognize the impact that test and assembly equipment performance has on your business results. Let us work with your teams to develop robust test and assembly solutions so you can stay focused on what you do best – delivering high performing and high-quality products to your customers that improves your businesses performance!

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What We Do Best

Ensuring your test and assembly systems are insensitive to variations in process inputs – by design!

Robust Process Development

We use a disciplined and methodical approach to equipment design, material quantification, methods development, and people training to ensure robust processes are designed into your test and manufacturing assembly systems
Our team of experts will work with your organization to develop robust processes throughout your products lifecycle – ensuring robust processes are always present in your production environment. Our focus is to develop scalable processes that can be transferred into your test and assembly equipment designs that are insensitive to normal input variations.

Precision Jig, Fixture and Gauge Development

We utilize jigs, fixtures and gauges to help you understand and optimize process performance prior to investing in costly tooling. We also employ to increase productivity and accuracy of positioning, component checking and repetitive setup applications within your testing and manufacturing environment
Our team will design, manufacture and verify repeatability and reproducibility prior to delivering to your facility. We are equipped with state-of-the-art CNC machining and fabrication technology to support your tooling development and continuous improvement project needs.

Custom Measurement and Test Systems

We specialize in developing customer test systems that eliminate precision and accuracy bias to ensure that the data sets you use to make important performance decisions on, is correct and accurate
We build custom measurement and test systems for research lab testing, product verification, validation and reliability testing, manufacturing testing, sorting, and quality control inspections.

Custom Manual and Pilot Assembly Systems

Pilot production is an important learning step in scaling new products and processes to provide not only pre-production parts for development, but to streamline manufacturing workflows, processes, productivity and reduce equipment scale up investment risk
We build manual assembly systems to support pilot plant and low volume product production needs.

Custom Semi Automated Assembly Systems

We specialize in semi-automated assembly cell design and fabrication to meet our customers specifications and early product scaling needs
We build semi-automated assembly systems to support your businesses continued scaling needs. Although cells can be fully automated, we purposefully focus on cells that still require some level of human input to assemble a finished product to keep equipment costs low for our customers until product demand merits high volume automated systems.

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